No need to Reboot

I have learned something interesting.  I started this month thinking I needed a reboot to get things going on my primal diet and lifestyle.  Here is what I learned quickly; no need to reboot! I was already doing a pretty good job.  My diet is on point, some others say live the 80/20 some are 5/2 with many other variations in between.  I would put my diet in the 90-95% range, and only discount it because I do like my hard cider and although I only drink it on the weekends; I have a hard time making that one primal.  That is literally it other than the few things when you have to eat out that are beyond your control such as the oil used or maybe they added a little sugar to something and didn’t disclose it.  Since I found myself stressing over this whole reboot of the 21 days I decided to end it.  The stress was not primal and I was trying to hard.  I feel so much better that I can relax and enjoy being primal the rest of my life.  Ok caution here, if you are on your first 21 day challenge do not give up, I apologize for the lack of post to support and lack of new recipes.  I promise more are coming, just need to convince a few friends to share some more stuff they are doing and send it to me so I can post it.  Oh yes you if you are reading this, send me your primal recipes and I will add them to the recipe section I will give you as much or as little credit as you want.  If you have a picture of what you prepared that is always helpful.  Although sometimes I make something and I will be like that doesn’t look anything like what I made. You can email them to me use the contact on my blog or just send to

Day 4


Today I am taking a break from my regular blog, to bring you a picture of my first Grand baby.  I will return to my regular scheduled blog this weekend.  Isn’t she beautiful!

Day 3


As promise more pictures, this was dinner tonight.  Boneless grill pork, grilled asparagus, and a simple salad.  Yes you do see some nice grass fed butter on both the pork and the asparagus, makes it yummy and very primal.  This again is an easy meal to fix, we literally put the pork on the grill for 30 minutes on indirect heat; just a little salt and pepper on it. Asparagus on the grill super simple after cleaning and cutting the end just drizzle with olive oil, and add salt and pepper.  I cook directly over the heat for about 5 minutes.

Ok enough about dinner tonight. If you have read the previous post you know this is actually my second 21 day challenge for the year, first one started back on January 1st. Of course I stayed primal and pretty strict with just a few indulgences. Lorie and I decided to do the second one just as a refinement, but I have said all of this before.  I have to say the first one seemed easy. Now that I decided to give up my daily dose of berries and of course no wine; this one seems to be a little harder on day 3. I really just wanted some fresh berries today, but I am holding out for the weekend. Yes I am not giving them up altogether just trying to break the everyday habit because hunter gatherers would not have had fresh berries available to them every single day. I am curious if anyone else out there has done a second or more 21 days and felt it was harder than maybe the first one?  Maybe I am being to hard on myself?

Well how did I do today, see below for yourself:


Breakfast – Another Omelette this one again 3 eggs, with some leftover grilled chicken, mushrooms and cheese.

Lunch – Leftover taco salad from the previous night, but sadly forgot my Avocado :(, and I had some Almonds about 1/3 cup.

Dinner – As mentioned above Pork, Asparagus, and salad.  I did have a few more nuts (handful) and 2 squares of 86% Dark Chocolate this evening.


10 minute meditation this morning

Sadly no reading at lunch but I did get out of the office running an errand

60 minutes sitting in the Sun to absorb Vitamin D this evening

45 minutes of reading (right after I finish typing this)

No Exercise today, I had it planned but sometimes it is best to listen to your body and rest

Day 2


I promised you pictures, there you go that was my Breakfast/Lunch I guess that means I had Brunch today.  Let me explain; I worked from home today, so slept a little longer.  When I got up, my coffee machine had my black coffee ready to go.  I grabbed a cup drank about half of it and then proceeded to Lorie’s office, which doesn’t have all the electronics like mine and did a 10 minute guided meditation.  Thank you to Ginger for sending me information on that Phone App, really made a difference, I could not believe how quick time goes.  I decided after meditation to do a little Intermittent Fasting(IF), last I ate was 8PM the night before and generally with IF you want to go 12-16 hours.  My intention was 12-13, sneak into the kitchen and fix some eggs for breakfast.  Well, you would know that a lot was going on at work that required my attention, I never got to sneak away to cook my eggs.  Next thing I knew it was 11, yes I was hungry, although not the same hunger someone has that is carb dependent.  At that point I was at 15 hours so I decided to combine breakfast and lunch.  You see my plan for lunch was some more left over steak and sautéed  veggies from Saturday night.  So I cut the ribeye up about 4 ounces and put in a pan with 2 Tablespoons grass fed butter.  After giving that a few minutes, I put the sautéed  veggies in to warm, I didn’t want them to cook much more since they were already perfect.  Once that was warm I added 3 eggs and let it cook.  Due to all the meat in the omelette I didn’t get a perfect flip, but close.  After that I added some cheese folded it over and I enjoyed.  Let me assure you that was probably the best omelette I have ever made, going to try again soon and use Fajita meat.  After eating I did find 30 minutes to read at lunch.   Almost done with another book, this one on IF, think my next book will be the new one from Robb Wolf Wired to Eat.  So below I will detail my day:


Brunch – Steak, veggie omelette – Yum (eggs are Farmers Market, veggies are mix of FM and Organic from store) Ribeye is from store leftover from Saturday.

Snack: Yes this afternoon I had 1/3 cup Dry Roasted and Salted Almonds

Dinner: About to eat Lories Taco Salad, Which is Grass Fed FM Meat, with some spices, FM Romain Lettuce, tomatoes, olives, Jalapeños, cheese, carrots (these are the secret they provide the crunch you use to get from chips) This is absolutely one of the best salads, I am pretty sure this is the 3rd or 4th week in a row I have asked Lorie to fix it.


10 minuted Guided Meditation

30 minutes reading at lunch, 60 minutes after dinner

30 minutes Blogging

1 Hour Crossfit Georgetown (Great workout today, and thank you to Gary for being my partner today)

I should mention most people know I spend my day in front of a computer, I do utilize both at home and in the office a standing desk which I stand at least 75-90% of the day.  I think it is important to take breaks even from standing, if you are very regular about it you will find yourself standing longer, but ease into it.  Also don’t forget to look away, I am lucky I sit near a window, when I am on the phone in the office I have a wireless headset and you can bet I am walking around.  Of course it gets a little strange when I need to look at something on the computer and I have to go running back to my desk 🙂

So what did you do today, feel free to comment, or if you want to keep it to yourself, write it down, keep a journal.

Day 1 of 21 Day Challenge Part 2

I hope that title is not too confusing.  I will do my best to try and write something everyday of this challenge.  My goal is to share with you what I ate on that day and provide some inspiration or maybe some ideas.  I will try and provide pictures, but of course I have none today.  I started eating when I realized I forgot, oops. There are a lot of fancy recipes in a lot of books, and yes I might try a few, but I want to show that you can have everyday meals that are delicious and filling. I promise I do not starve at all, I feel full when I eat and I don’t snack, not because I am trying not to snack, it is because I don’t need to snack.  Most of the time I can put off eating for a while if needed because my body does not have the Glucose spikes that a High Carb diet will give you.  I also want to share some insight on my primal life as making life simple and finding time to ease the mind is just as important.  Finally as most of you know I love my Crossfit Georgetown family and you can pretty much guess that I incorporate exercise into my life everyday.  I will break everything into 2 sections Diet and Lifestyle. Let me get started with Today Day 1:


Breakfast – 3 Egg omelette (farmers Market eggs) with Mushrooms and Asparagus (farmers Market)cooked in Grass Fed Butter (1-2Tablespoons) Black Coffee

Lunch: 8 ounces of left over Ribeye warmed, with a Salad with fresh greens, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and goat Cheese.  Dressing was olive oil and Basalmic Vingarette.  Also has about 1/3 cup of Almonds while I read (will cover that in lifestyle)

Dinner: 4 pieces of Grilled Chicken (Organic Chicken from Costco) 2 legs, Thigh, and half a breast.  Maybe that is only 3.5 pieces.  Also Grilled Asparagus, Zucchini, and squash(all from famers market).  After dinner I enjoyed 2 squares of 86% Dark Chocolate which equates to half a serving and 2.5Grams of Sugar.  (that was my treat for the day). Super easy meal to fix, Cut the chicken into pieces for the grill, spice them how you like them, salt and pepper works great.  After heating your grill, I am using gas, mine has 3 burners, I turn off the middle burner that is where I put the chicken, skin side up.  Cook for about 40 minutes with the other burners on Medium High to High.  You might have to adjust for your grill.  Take the veggies, slice up the zucchini and squash long ways coat it and the Asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper.  I then place these on the grill for2-3 minutes on each side directly over the flames.  Your done, super simple very delicious. I should mention I was always cook enough extra to insure I have something to take for lunch the next day.

That is it all I ate and all I will eat today.  Notice I did not snack.  Now you might be telling yourself well I at a high fat low carb diet but still felt the urge to snack.  If you are new to this type of eating a couple of things, first you have formed habits that you must break and snacking is one of the them.  Second, your body does not overnight change from a Sugar burner to a fat burner.  This is the reason for the 21 days it takes time, for your body to convert and it takes time about 21 days to gain a new habit.


10 minutes of meditation in the morning

Wore my primal shoes today (ok I wear shoes now with no heals that are natural everyday now)

Ate my lunch at work today, I never eat at my desk and neither should you, find another place take a break.  I then took my Almonds and went outside and read a book for 30 minutes.

Crossfit of course

45 minutes of writing and I will follow-up with another hour of reading.  BTW if you read on electronic devices of any kind in the evening do yourself a favor and turn on the Blue night shade filter.  It will keep it from stimulating your eyes at night.

Ok that was it in a nutshell for today, like I said nothing on here was over complicated, you can do it too!

21 Days Starts Monday


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I know I did, I actually enjoyed a few things that I normally don’t indulge in on a regular basis.  First pictured above is one of my favorite primal dinners, Ribeye with Sautéed veggies and a salad. We also went to a wine festival called the Texas Wine Revolution with some great friends and had a blast.  Yes I tasted a lot of Texas Pink Wines and had a great time.  The weekend of this festival was in great timing for the “next” 21 day challenge.  Most people consider me to be fairly strict, and other than having more wine than normal I really didn’t do anything outside of being primal.  I do get asked so why are you doing another 21 day challenge?  Let me answer that by saying it is not about doing anything wrong, it is more about fine tuning and trying something a little different.  Yes it will be 21 day of no alcohol, I actually don’t drink a lot and when I do it is only on the weekends.  I don’t eat any grains, no refined sugar (ok except the occasional 86% dark chocolate, that my friend Gary says is to bitter I will win him over to it sooner or later).  So what gives?  What do I change?  One slight modification in diet will be staying away from fruit as much as possible during the 21 days.  I have been known to eat blueberries or blackberries, which there is nothing wrong with that I moderation but I know that my primal cousins it would have been a treat to find those berries.  Therefore I am going to try my best to stay away, maybe treat myself once a week at best.  This 21 days is more about reaffirmation of the lifestyle to me. Keep up the reading, watch less TV maybe even no TV during the week.  Computers, phone and such down by 8 or 9 in the evening.  Sit outside enjoy nature a little more and just try to live more simple.  The big thing I am personally going to add to my day each morning is a period of meditation.  I have been doing some reading on it and really like the idea behind it.  I will start simple maybe  10 minutes and try to work up to a full half hour by the end of the 21 days.   I plan on this every morning, I will grab a quick shower so I am awake and then meditate before Breakfast.  I have a spot picked out in my house but might have to move that around.  So here is the other big news, I say 21 days but I looked at the calendar and well that means the 21days ends on a Sunday.  I am thinking I just stretch it out for a few extra days through the Friday of that week and make this one 26 days, and really I plan on carrying most things over although on the evening of the 26th day I can see myself enjoying a nice glass of wine or bottle of cider.

So here is my question and you can respond back in comments for those of you doing the 21+ days what is your goal?  Do you need help in getting to that goal?  Do you have questions about what you should and should not do?  Questions about how to make a change to a primal lifestyle?  Do you need help?  Well ok I am not a professional, although maybe someday, but I a willing to help, just ask!

Positive Thoughts?

I have been reading this book called The Awakened Ape by Jevan Pradas. Most of the books I read about Hunter Gatherers or Primal/Paleo lifestyle lean heavily about diet.  This book however is more about the mental state and attitudes of Hunter Gatherers.  It is amazing the various tribes that have been studied and how happy they are with their lives and well being.  I think we have a lot that we could learn, and this is a fantastic book.  However, I am not reviewing the book at this time, I will save it for later.  Today, I was reading a section that has a 7 day challenge of staying positive; I thought this would be a fun activity to share with everyone.  The rules are pretty simple go 7 days with no negative thoughts, if you begin to think something negative no matter how small you have to quickly, within 1 minute, spin it to a positive thought.  Example would be if you started to think: OMG is is only Wednesday, you would need to spin it in your mind quickly to something like only 2 days left till the weekend, or wow this week has gone by fast.  I think you get the idea. If you are unable to spin it within a  minute or the same negative thought returns and you can’t shake it then the timer starts all over.  Overall I am a pretty positive person, but I think it might take me a couple of weeks to get through this challenge, but I am going to do it.  The only person you have to be accountable to this is yourself.  Here is the upside, think about the self-awareness of your thoughts that you will have over this time?  There is so much negative energy out in the world today, lets take it back one person at a time!

21 Day Primal Challenge Part 2

Many of you know that Lorie and I did a 21 day challenge to start the year, it was very successful.  We have changed our lifestyle and diet forever. When we did this challenge we decided that at the start of each quarter we would renew our challenge.  Although we have not hesitated on our diet, and overall we have stayed primal.  The 21 days does represent a time when we double down our efforts, cut out any Alcohol consumption, yes we will miss that glass  of wine, and make any necessary adjustments.  This is also a time that we can support friends and family who might be ready to do the same thing.  If you have been thinking about starting a 21 day transformation to a primal or paleo diet and lifestyle we are there to support you.  We are starting on Monday April 3rd, so just message me if you are interested in joining in this transformation the best way to be successful is to have people help you hold yourself accountable.  So good luck on this journey and let me know how I can help!

Spring Time

Spring has sprung! I always wanted to write that phrase. Spring is such a magical time of year.  I live in central Texas so it is one of the times of the year that it is still bearable to go outside.  Today high temperature was about 82, far cry from the 100+ we will see here in just a couple of months.  My question to everyone, yes all 10 of you that read this is what did you do this weekend?  Did you have good weather like me this weekend?  How about some good primal outdoor activities.  Lots of vitamin D, how  I have missed the sunshine over the brief 2 weekends of winter we had this year. There is nothing more primal in my opinion than getting outside and getting your hand dirty in the garden.  Of course I should be saying a vegetable garden, but no it is my wife’s flower garden.  I spent my Friday and Saturday (yes took a day off from work) pulling weeds and getting those flower beds in pristine  condition; happy wife happy life.  Sit back and think about this for a minute, what is more primal than spending time outdoors tending to the family dwelling?  Now in primal time it might have been patching the roof and fixing something a wall to the portable dwelling but in modern times that can equate to tending the flower beds. The most important thing is to get outside and get your hand dirty.  The benefit is actually more than you than you actually know.  First Vitamin D from the sun cannot be replaced by any supplement you take, and your body needs it to remain healthy.  Second is that digging in the soil has been known to release certain responses in the body that not only help you feel good but also getting your hand in the dirt help to build your immune system by building a natural response. I can tell you even though it was hard work, I am sitting here writing this blog and even though I am tired, I honestly feel great.

Ok so on more thing I did start my day off right, Lorie and I went to Yoga this morning where our good friend Ginger was teaching at Crossfit Georgetown.  You must understand that I have been doing the Crossfit Open and the workout on Friday, although I enjoyed it was particular hard on the lower body.  Ginger did a wonderful job during Yoga this morning of targeting a lot of my “tender” spot this morning.  I also want to give a shout out to my fellow competitors Heather and Gary for doing a great job yesterday. Finally a Thank You to all of my Crossfit brothers and sisters who every Friday show up and cheer those of competing on, it would be so much harder without you!

I did deviate from my theme slightly you might thing, but here is my message this week.  Be Thankful for Everything!






Gluten-free diets tied to Diabetes?

Gluten-free diets may be tied to an increase in Type 2 Diabetes

If you have not read the above article it is an interesting read about Gluten-free diets and being tied to increase risk in Type 2 Diabetes.  Seems that every new study finds something new for us all to fear, however if you are eating and living primal (or Paleo) I think you have nothing to fear from this study.  Before I switched to primal I was gluten-free.  I found that my stomach was always doing something weird after almost every meal. My sister had been gluten-free for about a year and told me she had previously had the same issues and it worked.  I gave it a shot and let me tell you it was a night and day difference.  Heck I even lost about 15 pounds, and I quickly found that at the store, restaurants etc there were plenty of Gluten-free replacement products, including breads, pastries, and sugar-filled deserts.  After taking some quick looks at some popular breads comparing gluten-free to regular bread you might skip the gluten, but you don’t skip the carbs or the sugar.  In fact one could argue because of the use of rice and corn flowers in the Gluten-free products that it might be worse in what ultimately turns to sugars in your body, just thinking about how high rice is on the glycemic index.  The biggest issue I see is that going Gluten-free is not enough.

The real enemy is sugar.  No matter what you see, the proof is their that our society eats too much sugar.  All this consumption is what is leading to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other metabolic syndromes. If you are currently Gluten-free you have taken a big step, why not go all the way when it comes to your health.  I benefits I have seen from moving to 100% primal on my diet are far better than the simple pleasure of eating a gluten free pie, and yes I use to love pie.  I have lost more weight, constant energy levels, no ups and downs of carbs, sleep better, no more allergy medication, and I could go on and on.

Let me sum up for you, I still wonder about all the parameters and control groups in the study and will reserve my final assessment to being able to read the entire study. Why not instead of just changing one thing in your diet make the jump to an entire new lifetstyle and retrain yourself on what is real food.