Vegas – Not a fan

This is my final Vegas entry, I am back home now in my element.  I am going to say that I appreciate home more than ever. I have family and friends who support me 100%. I don’t say that as a half truth. I notice when I talk about my primal lifestyle around work and so forth I get very little interest, in fact I get more ridicule or what I will call typical school yard behavior against the person who is different. When I am home amongst my family and friends I get that genuine support for my lifestyle; in case you wonder no they are not all primal, although a good portion of them try to follow some of the fundamentals.  They are just supportive and are truly my friends. I have to say it was great see them all!

Alright so now let me talk about my last two days in Vegas.  I finally decided I was not going to let Vegas and this conference win.  I decided to take back my primal lifestyle.  Starting with Wednesday I would get back on track.  I of course have been eating as primal as I can all week, and I still made those choices.  I did decided that I would not have even a glass of wine the remainder of the week and I would take back my evenings.  I had one more “mandatory” dinner to attend on Wednesday evening.  I made my appearance enjoyed some good short ribs (had to scrape the sauce off unsure what it contained) but they were fantastic nice full of good fat.  I think I was the first one finished I promptly excused my self from the table and went back to my room.  The dinner started at 7:30 I was leaving at 7:50, by 8 I was in my room and decided time for me, after talking to Lorie on the phone I read for the remainder of the evening and fell asleep about 9:30 PST.

Thursday was not much different after attending some meetings, my day was done about 2:30 PST, I then went to the gym for a quick workout.  After getting cleaned up I decided to walk around the “mall” for a while, I wasn’t ready yet for dinner and thought it would be nice.  Finally decided on dinner, found me a nice Ribeye with Asparagus, it was good but nothing like what Lorie and I fix at home.  I was ready to leave, I did check but it was just too expensive to change my flight from Friday morning.  After dinner I really just wanted something for myself and I remember a Godiva Chocolate Store in the mall, think they might have some good dark chocolate.  For those who don’t know I am a fan if you need something satisfying to have a little Dark Chocolate.  I personally like 86%, think it is perfect but most find it too bitter.  Different people have different rules, I see 70% a lot I think edge that up to 75% or better is a good rule and only eat enough to satisfy that craving.  I usually find 1/2 a serving size is about right.  They had these 85% chocolates filled with a 85% chocolate genache, they were incredible about the size of my thumb nail; ok I at 6 of them. After that I retired to my room and repeated Wednesday night.  The following morning I woke had an omelette for breakfast and left for the airport.  I couldn’t wait to get home.

Looking back at the week I grade my self about a C.  I found that I am weaker without my support system in place.  I know they were all supporting me from a distance but it is not the same as having them with you, or at least having someone with you that will offer you support.  Unfortunately I don’t have that with my work, I wish I did and one of these days I will make a change; more on that another time. The moral to this story is if you are going to live different than those around you then you need support.  I hope anyone who is reading this has that support it makes it a lot easier.  If not look around I am sure there are a lot of good groups that would offer it. If you don’t find those then start one be the first!


Sunday Travel Day

I am sitting in my hotel and local time it says 11:43 however my body says 1:43, this will be brief.  Today was travel day, I got up this morning, a few minutes before the alarm was set to go off.  I am working on the no alarm wake-ups. I wanted to be sure to have a good breakfast and also start to hydrate for the plane ride.  I ate 4 Eggs and had some water.  After a hard goodbye to Lorie, I hit the road and stopped for a 20 Ounce cup of coffee.  I should have had my home brew but didn’t want to leave it for Lorie to clean.  During my flights I only had water and brought my own snacks, RX bars and Almonds.  I landed in Vegas about 1:45 local time and I felt like I could eat.  After checking into the hotel I ate a late lunch at “The Yardbird” I had the Omelette Special, which was just a cheese and tomato omelette with a bowl of “seasonal” fruit.  Not sure what season any of that fruit would be surely not any in North America.  It was delicious but I must confess I had a Pear Cider, and I don’t regret it at all. After cleaning up a bit it was time for the scheduled dinner with the limited menu.  I talked them into bringing me a salad (outside of the menu) for my 1st course since none of the choices were acceptable to me to try and stay primal.  The main course was a 6 ounce steak and Asparagus (ok mashed potatoes were on the plate but I didn’t eat them, they are ok in my opinion in moderation if you are at your ideal body weight) Desert well might have been a little off the reservation they had Creme’ brulee and I decided I needed to taste, it was amazing and a couple of bites of it was all I needed.  I did have 1 glass of red wine.   All in all I think it was a pretty good day, I didn’t stay 100% but I did strive and wound up well above the 80% mark.  For my relaxation today to keep my primal health I read, took a hot bath, and wrote this blog.  I will write more about my adventures in Vegas tomorrow.

What happens in Vegas?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?  Well not for me, Starting Sunday I will be in Las Vegas for a work training conference.  The meals are mostly preplanned meaning most likely buffet line style for breakfast and lunch; dinners will be out at various places around time with limited menus.  The only choice I was able to make when I signed up was gluten free, there was no paleo or primal options.  Conferences will start at 8 with dinners and entertainment after that will go very late into the night.  My first mission and probably most important is eating primal.  I realize a lot of folks follow the 80% rule that Mark Sisson publishes in The Primal Blueprint, but that isn’t good enough for me; I must strive for 100%.  I will be the one asking the servers in the line what oils were used what is in any type of sauce etc, I might be practicing intermittent fasting a few times to stay on track.  My next mission is to keep up with my workouts, anyone who knows me is probably saying well that is easy for me. Luckily there is a really good Crossfit gym and the hotel also has one of the nicest hotel gyms I have ever seen, including kettle bells.  Lastly, is lifestyle it is very easy to get caught up in everything that is going on around me and not allow myself time for reflection, meditation, and self healing from the day.  Remember, I am a creature of habit in the evening helps me sleep, bad enough that it will be somewhere strange and a 2 hour difference is not very exciting.  Here is what I am going to do, as part of my lifestyle that includes this blog, each evening starting on Sunday I will blog and let you know the following:

  1. What I ate today or drank
  2. Exercice, what did I do today
  3. Lifestyle (mental health) How I kept it real
  4. Anything else I feel worth mentioning

So I ask anyone reading these each day to post comments either on FB or on the Blog letting me know how you think I did each day.  Of course the object is still for me to have fun.  Stayed tuned I will create a new category for these post to keep the together in case I have time to blog about other topics.