Day 21

Today is day 21 of what started as a 21 day total body transformation, but has turned into a Keto restart.  Of course since it is a keto restart this really signifies the start of what should be a minimum of another 3 weeks of attempting to stay in a keto state.  However, I am … Continue reading Day 21


So yes I promised to post some more and I have been absent for a while. I think for a while I have lost a little of my inspiration and needed some time to reboot myself and rededicate my life style to my primal beliefs. Some of you know but I didn't want to broadcast … Continue reading Update


I apologize for my absence from posting, but I had a little vacation. Question of the day is how do you stay primal during vacation?  Do you indulge in things your normally would not?  Is that the end of the world?  Well no, I am coming off a nice beach vacation.  I had the opportunity … Continue reading Vacation

Day 4

Today I am taking a break from my regular blog, to bring you a picture of my first Grand baby.  I will return to my regular scheduled blog this weekend.  Isn't she beautiful!