Keto or Primal What is best for me

In my last posting I had completed my 21 days primal/keto reset.  I decided to start applying a lot more Keto principles to my diet this time, and one that I started during the last 7 days of my 21 days and then into the following week was to be really strict on my diet and make sure I would be following the Keto reset diet.  I practiced Intermittent Fasting each day going 14-16 hours without eating.  I would then eat a compressed schedule.  I made some interesting observations about myself and came to an interesting conclusion:

First I had no issues with fasting each day when it came to waiting to eat, I could easily distract myself and the desire to eat would go away.  I should note I still drank my cup of coffee each morning, added a little heavy cream but kept it under the 100 Calorie threshold that is believed to make you come out of the IF state.  The problem came when I did eat.  I found my appetite to be larger than normal and noted that I was eating more in the compressed time then what I ate doing 3 normal meals per day.  I was taking a lot more food with me for lunch and in the evenings I would have a hard time feeling fully satisfied.  I firmly believe IF has a place, just for me it is not everyday, maybe a couple of times a week but not daily for me.

Second big observation was food stress. The carb count for Ketosis is between 20-50 Grams per day depending on if you exercise or not.  I of course do everyday, so I put my limit at 50.  The next part is increasing fat as a percentage and decreasing protein.  You want protein at no more than .7gram per pound of lean muscle.  I was use to a number closer to 1 gram, although I don’t normally have that much I could occasionally get close. The third part is increasing your fat per day.  I started by adding heavy cream to my coffee, previously I was a black coffee drinker.  I must say that was a pleasant surprise.  I never knew  my coffee could even be better with heavy cream. All of these new food parameters which are much harder to hit than a primal diet, because they are much more focused on every little aspect.  Primal you have a lot more “wiggle” room.  Well the constant counting was stressing me out and some of my favorite healthy foods were being left out.  I couldn’t even enjoy a bowl full of fresh blueberries and strawberries.

Last observation and the kicker for me is because of my food stress and actual increase in overall eating I actually gained a few pounds back. I know that Keto works for a lot of people, but for me I have decided to stick to primal going forward.  I am comfortable and feel good on a primal diet.  I think this is something that everyone has to explore on their own and figure out what works best for you.


Day 21

Today is day 21 of what started as a 21 day total body transformation, but has turned into a Keto restart.  Of course since it is a keto restart this really signifies the start of what should be a minimum of another 3 weeks of attempting to stay in a keto state.  However, I am going to try and go much longer, with a goal of at least through the CrossFit Open.  I am going to share with you my results in the first 21 days based on weight, however I warn you weight is not everything and in fact isn’t even the best indicator. I prefer to look at other measurements, like waist size (how do your pants fit), how do you feel meaning mental clarity, how do you sleep.  If you workout do you notice a difference.

My answers are simple, first my overall mental state is so much better, no constant worrying about stuff, I feel motivated to read and write.  I just feel better overall.  I sleep better right now, in fact I get more hours of continuous sleep than ever before and wake up feeling totally refreshed.  Waist size, although not a huge difference when I started I was able to wear all of my pants, maybe my smaller size the 32″, were a little tight and the 33″ were a little better, now the 32″ are actually very loose and 33″ are really too big to wear, I might need a smaller belt and pants at the end of all this. Workouts is a big one for me, although you will see I didn’t lose a tone a weight only 7-8lbs, I feel lighter. Things like Pull-ups and box jumps are a lot easier to accomplish and at a much faster rate.  I also just notice that my stamina in the workouts seems to be better, which of course may or may not be related since I have been working on it for a while.

last thing weight, let me tell you and I think this is important, if you are going to track your weight, I strongly suggest that you weight yourself the same time under the same conditions everyday.  In my case I weight myself every morning, right before I jump in the shower.  Your weight can vary by a few pounds everyday so don’t panic if one day you add a pound or two, the next day you might be down those same pounds.  What I look for is constantly being withing a few pound range.

Going forward as I continue my journey I will continue what I am already doing,  I try to practice intermittent fasting everyday, but I listen to my body.  In the past 9 days I practiced  8 out of 9 with going 14-16 hours each day. The one exception was Thursday, I woke up hungry and I knew I needed to eat.  I will also continue to monitor my weight, but not everyday probably 2x per week.

21 Day Weight Results:

1/1 – 209
1/2 – 208.6
1/3 -207
1/4 -206.2
1/5 -204.8
1/6 -203
1/7 -206.2
1/8 -205.2
1/9 -205.2
1/10 -203
1/11 -204
1/12 – 202.8
1/13 -202.4
1/14 -202.6
1/15 -202.8
1/16 -202
1/17 -200
1/18 -202.2
1/19 -201.6
1/20 -201.6
1/21 – 202.2


So yes I promised to post some more and I have been absent for a while. I think for a while I have lost a little of my inspiration and needed some time to reboot myself and rededicate my life style to my primal beliefs. Some of you know but I didn’t want to broadcast it, but I did a 21 day primal reboot that started at the 1st of the year. For the first 2 weeks I have been strictly following the primal blueprint.

However, this past weekend I read the 21 day Keto Reset Diet Book, by Mark Sisson. I have decided to change my perspective a little and go keto, at least through the CrossFit Open, which starts Feb 22nd and last 5 weeks. I can tell you I was already very close on my 21 days if not already there. One big change I made starting on the weekend is practicing daily Intermittent Fasting, I try and go 14-16 hours from my last meal at night until I eat again in the morning/afternoon. The other big change is to really increase the amount of fats in my diet, I think before I emphasized the protein but for Keto that is too much as I was close to 1 gram per lean pound of body mass and wanted to reduce that to .7 grams and increase my fat calories to make up the difference. It just takes little things like adding heavy cream to the coffee, eggs, and make sure I am eating other good fats.

Let me tell you I feel fantastic, I have more energy during my workouts, I am sleeping great, and my thoughts are so much clearer. Things that were stressing on me before no longer weigh on my mind all the time. My weight is down 8 pound since the first and I expect that it will go down a few more before this is all over. A big difference this year over last year is when I lost weight I felt I lost strength and this year I actually feel stronger.

I have said it before, but I will say it again I promise to publish more in the future, but going forward at least for now it will just be on this Facebook page and not on the webpage. As I discover better ways to do thing on Facebook I will try and make it look better in the future. I am sure there are some of you out there that already have ideas or maybe can even teach me how to make it look better feel free to message me.

Tempe Day 4

lunch 11-3

As promised a picture of a meal. Sinus issues still persist but much better than before not to mention it helps to get a good night sleep. I followed my own advice and instead of watching TV, I read a book.  This was much lunch today, believe it or not but it was from Red Robin, it was an Avocado Grilled Chicken salad.  It taste really good, my only complaint is for an Avocado salad, it didn’t seem to have much Avocado.  I was a little surprised to find something like this at a chain, since most of the time smaller places have stuff I want to eat.

Today is my last full day in Tempe, I will see what dinner brings tonight probably will not get much in the way of pictures since it will be a Happy Hour and Dinner, but I will try to stick to my convictions, or at least stay in the 80% rule.

Tempe Day 3

Something in the air doesn’t agree with me, sinus congestion in full blow out mode. I think I bought half the pharmacy today, but do feel a little better.  Didn’t really have anything but coffee for breakfast, just didn’t feel like eating.  Lunch today I went back to the same place as yesterday, they serve omelettes all day.  If you know me I am use to eating an omelette every morning and I am missing that this week.  I might go back tomorrow for breakfast.  I had the meat lovers and added avocado, it was yummy, primal and didn’t last very long.  I also enjoyed a bowl of fresh fruit, the waiter kept trying to talk me into bread and potatoes, but of course I neither one of them.  Once again my hunger hit me hard and well I forgot to take a picture.  I promise I will get some pictures in soon.  I am back to training and meetings but will check in again soon.

Tempe Day 1 and Day 2

Ok so no pics yet.  Yesterday was a little rough, I got up at 4 am for an early flight, changed time zones to Arizona time which was 2 hours off. So lots of adjustments, didn’t exactly eat perfectly, but stayed as close as possible.  They brought in lunch yesterday which included some salad, so I ate the middle out of 3 of the sandwiches which was veggies and meat, it was very good.  Last night for dinner I broke down had chicken wings, not sure what oil was used but it was across the street from the hotel and I was dead tired.  I went to bed at 7 pm Arizona Time.

Took a while to fall to sleep but I feel great in the morning.  I was able to utilize the little gym at the hotel and get in a good workout.  For my CrossFit friends it was a modified version of Open 17.1, did regular Bur-pees instead of Bur-pees over Box.  I managed to get through the set of 40 Dumbbell Snatches and 12 Bur-pees after it in the 20 minute time cap.  Breakfast wasn’t anything special I had Black Coffee and a Gluten-Free egg sandwich, it was OK in a pinch.  Lunch was a different story, Chicken Tortilla Soup and Mediterranean Salad with Chicken.  Despite the soups name the tortilla chips were optional and I optioned not to have them.  Very good soup, very different than the version we have in Texas.  The salad was the king, the depth of flavors is more than I can even write about today.

I still have dinner to go tonight, no telling where I will wind up but for sure not eating wings again.  I will blog the tail tomorrow and hopefully remember to take pictures.

Primal While Traveling

Once again I will be traveling this coming week and the old question goes; how to remain primal while traveling?  This week I will be in Tempe, Arizona, I don’t know much about Tempe and what food offerings I will be able to find to help remain primal in my diet. One thing to remember primal for mean a lot more than just what I eat, it means living a primal lifestyle. I think the lifestyle portion is probably easier to keep sometimes than the food. The challenge this week will be the food. Lets take a look at a few things I will do to help remain primal while traveling.

  1. Ask for a Gluten Free Menu- But be careful, this just means it doesn’t have Wheat, Rye or Barley, just being Gluten Free doesn’t qualify as Primal.  Watch out for Gluten replacements such as bread, they can be made from Rice or Corn Flour, which in my mind both should be avoided.
  2. Look for local small restaurants – They are more likely willing to customize your meal even cooking your meal in primal oils and real butter instead of the cheaper oils the larger chains are going to use.
  3. Ask Questions- Don’t be afraid to ask for something to be prepared in a certain way or to find out the ingredients being used.  This can be helpful when they don’t have a gluten free menu.
  4. Don’t forget the 80/20 rule – sometimes you might have a group dinner where your choices are limited. I am not saying giving into grains or sugar, these should always be avoided.  Sometimes you might no have a choice on the oil used, or maybe it is not grass fed beef.
  5. Have Fun and don’t stress– If you stress about having to make choices too much you are doing your body just as much harm as you are good in your diet.
  6. Take time for yourself, business travel can be stressful and you might be rushing from meeting to meeting, but carve out sometime for a workout, walk, hike, reading  or something else you enjoy.
  7. Get a good night sleep, yes sometimes there can be late night dinners, happy hours, but don’t extend it any further than you must try to get your 8 hours.

Ok so these are just a few things, send me a message if you have more ideas or suggestions and I will update this post!  Look for updates on meals this week hopefully with pictures (I am really bad sometimes about starting to eat and then remembering the picture, so apologies ahead of time)a

Shrimp Scampi


Looking for a good primal seafood option?  How about Shrimp Scampi James Style.  This is something I came up with last summer while on vacation. It is very simple to make and you can pair it with a lot of different veggies, you could even use a gluten free pasta, just make sure you double check the ingredients, watch out for added sugar, corn, and rice.  Those can add a lot of carbs to your meal.


Shrimp (duh) – you want Large Shrimp, and you don’t want to buy precooked.  I suggest Gulf Brown Shrimp, but use your favorite, generally 1/3 to 1/2 lb per person.

1 Stick Butter (real butter Kerry Gold is best)

1Tablespoon olive Oil

2 Cloves Garlic finely chopped

1-2 Lemons

1/4 Cup White Wine (optional)

1/4 Cup Flat Leaf Parsley (chopped)

How to Make:

First peel and Devine the shrimp, next in a 12″ skillet melt the butter in the pan, add olive oil and garlic.  Heat the pan on about medium heat for a few minutes to allow the garlic to add flavor to the butter.  Then Squeeze the juice of the lemons and add to the pan continue to heat you want the pan hot but watch out not to burn the butter.  Right before you are going to add the shrimp you will want to add the wine.  Then Simply pour in the shrimp.  You will want to start flipping them fairly quick, remember shrimp cook very quickly.  I would estimate they are done in about 2 minutes, less time if you used smaller shrimp.  Then sprinkle with the flat leaf parsley. After that simply serve with your favorite side items.  We used fresh broccoli from the local farmers market, along with with a salad, ingredients also from the farmers market.  Lorie like to add fresh parmesan to hers, I prefer to skip that step.

If you need more directions or ideas let me know, also comment if you decide to make it yourself, I would like to know how it turns out.


I apologize for my absence from posting, but I had a little vacation. Question of the day is how do you stay primal during vacation?  Do you indulge in things your normally would not?  Is that the end of the world?  Well no, I am coming off a nice beach vacation.  I had the opportunity to visit 2 very different beaches. One in Florida in a little place called Navarre Beach, you should look it up wonderful place to relax.  The second was on North Padre Island in Texas in the White Cap Beach Area.  The first beach was just me and Lorie had a great time. The second was with some great friends and we had a blast.  Ok so I will be honest I did cheat a little although I don’t think I did so bad.  I had probably too many “Ciders” which yes they have sugar and I was counting, although I do drink a dryer version, but sugar is sugar.  Of course I am always gluten free (would have ruined the vacation) I did have a little corn and rice especially in some Gluten substitute crackers and bread.  I took advantage of some alternative I normally stay away from, but I knew once I got back I would be back to my normal diet.  Do I feel Guilty, actually no, I am very strict normally and I think I am still falling in the 80/20 rule, so I feel pretty good.  However, I will say I am going to be extra strict for the next few weeks, just to make sure I have not broken my habits. I think I will be ok.

Now to move on I was pleasantly surprised today to see the following article posted on o Foxnews:

The Truth about Low-Fat Foods

This is great read it is about time that mainstream press starts getting it and they we correct the false doctrine in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

I promise more blog post coming more often so please don’t abandon me!



Mid-Week Dinner

Wow! I have to write about dinner tonight, so simple yet so great.  It consisted of only 3 main ingredients plus spices.

Organic Free-Range Chicken



That is it!  Ok so it is truly in the way you prepare it.  Here is what else you will need and feel free to substitute with your favorite flavors.  You need Olive Oil, butter, Himalayan Salt, Nature’s Seasoning low Sodium by Morton.

First the chicken, I have to thank my friend Maria for this suggestion, cut the backbone out and break the breast plate.  The Chicken should now lay flat, put skewers in each side through the thigh and breast.  Next Cover with Olive Oil, take a brush and liberally coat, add sea salt be generous with the seasonings.  Finally, the nature’s seasoning, we use the low sodium because I prefer to use my Himalayan Salt, again be generous.  So How are you going to cook this thing, well the preferred method would be in a smoker or over indirect heat.  I use a 27″ round Weber Grill with Coals off to one side.  Once the coals are hot put this baby on.  Now for more flavor you need to add smoke chips, best to soak in water, but in a pinch just throw them on the fire.  Today, I only had Applewood, but what a great combination added just a hint of sweetness to the chicken.  Feel free to use your favorite or experiment with something new.  Close that lid and set a timer for 1 hour, or adjust according to your grill.  At the 1 hour mark I cut the legs off and removed from the heat, they were done.  I let the rest of the bird cook for another 15 minutes, let me tell you juicy as can be.

When the chicken is getting close to being done, you need to start to sauté the veggies.  Add butter and olive oil a couple of tablespoons of each to a pan and heat, add some garlic if you like, otherwise, just add the veggies and let them go.  Important do not cover, they will get soggy really quick.  While they cook you want to sprinkle the same seasoning you used for the chicken on the veggies.  From their just give them a little toss every once in a while and take off the heat right before they are at the desired softness or firmness you want.  Remember they will continue to cook for a while even off the heat in the pan.

Ok that is it, cut that bird add some veggies to the plate and enjoy