6/30 – 7/1/2018 Workout

After a rough Friday workout I knew that Saturday would be much better, I needed some good rest and good diet.  I had hope to try and make it to the Crossfit Georgetown workout however I did sleep in a while and was unable to make it.  I did however, borrow the WOD on Saturday with my own Strength Work. Below I also have my Sunday workout thank you to Jason for taking me through a good low Aerobic weight workout which I will also have below.


Warmup – 600 meter Run then foam rolling and ball rolling of chest and shoulders


4 x 7 Bench Press 1sec up, 3 sec hold, 3 sec down, then as many push-ups as possible — 165lbs – 2 minutes rest between set

3 sets of the following 10 x Flys @ 25lbs and 10 x Skull Crushers with Press @35lbs – 60 seconds rest between sets

WOD – Courtesy of Crossfit Georgetown

400-400-300-300-200 Run

25-20-15-10-5 Burpees

rest 2 minutes

Sunday Workout: 45 minute AMRAP

  1. 5 Thrusters – 95lbs
  2. 5 HSPU
  3. 10 pull-ups
  4. 10 Step-up Curls -35lbs each leg
  5. 15 Bench Press 135lbs
  6. 15 high Pulls – 70lbs
  7. 20 Ring Dips
  8. 20 Lateral Jumps over bar – 2 count
  9. 50 Crunches

Results 3 rounds + 80 reps (Finishes ring dips on 4th round)


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