6/21/2018 Workout

Once again it was a day I attempted 2 workouts

Morning Workout – 2.5 mile run (Humid) easy pace 9+ Minute mile

Afternoon Workout

Foam Roll Warm-up followed by 100 Single unders

then 1×10 Empty Bar Deadlift then 1×10 135lbs Deadlift

Strength Work (borrowed from a workout early this month with Shock Fitness)

4×7 Deadlifts @245 lbs with a Hold 3sec- 3 sec down – 1 sec up count (last time I did 230lbs on same workout)

3x 10 Banded Hip Bridges with 30 sec hold on last one followed by KB single leg RDL x 8 each leg 53lbs

WOD (adapted from Crossfit Georgetown workout) I scaled this one down, my garage was really hot and my body felt toasted


  1. 25 Double Unders
  2. 20 KB Swings -53lbs
  3. 10 Burpee Box Jumps

That simple still took me 15 minutes, ok so I am a little slow on Double Unders.

My plan for the rest of the week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) is to get in some good workouts, because Monday I fly to Montreal, not sure I can get in a workout Monday morning or not before I leave, but I will try.  My plan is to get in something though at least 2x while in Montreal if I get a Monday workout, otherwise 3x.  I fly back fairly early on Friday so should be back in plenty of time to join my friends at Crossfit Georgetown for an afternoon workout.  My post might be a little delayed but will fill you in even if it winds up being a rest day.

As far as progress, my diet has been great this week, I feel good and I am making progress getting back down to my goal of 200-205 lbs.  If I behave in Montreal next week I should not have any issues by the end of the 30 days.

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