6/20/2018 Work Out

Today, well ok yesterday since I am a day late posting, I worked out with Samantha Shockley and like usual she proceeded to kick my butt into shape, here was the workout great shoulder burner for me.

Starts all with the Foam Rolling


2 x 10 Passthroughs, 10 Cal AB, 10 Weighted arm Circles


4 x 10 Strict Should Press with 132 count, first 2 sets at 95lbs, last 2 sets at 105lbs

3 x 10 Front Raises followed by Max effort Plate Press


12Minute EMOM

  1. 10 DB Push Press – 35lbs
  2. 10 Cal Row
  3. 8 Ab Wheels
  4. 10 Ring Dips

This is always a great session, you can only push yourself without a good coach and working out on your so far.  I strongly urge you to find a good coach and even if you only go every week or so it will be worth the extra effort and you will get those extra gains.

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