6/18/2018 Workout


  1. 600 Meter Run (Happens to be the distance of my block)
  2. 3x5each Barbell Work with empty Bar
    1. Deadlift
    2. Muscle Clean
    3. Front Squat
    4. Push Press

Strength Work

3×7 Back Squats with pause at bottom @50% of 1rm (I did 135lbs) rest 90 secs


14 Minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)

  • 6 Jumping Lunges
  • 5 Weighted V-ups – 10lbs plate
  • 10 Hip Bridges

Extra Credit


  • DB Bicep Curls – 35lbs
  • DB Bench Skull Crushers – 35lbs
  • rest 60 secs

Today was a change of pace for me, I did my workout early in the morning, I think if it was later in the day I would have gone heavier on the squats but I didn’t feel completely warmed up or have a lot of confidence in my lift.  I normally do not workout this early in fact I only do mornings on the weekends. However I have a dinner tonight for work that I am attending.  These are always interesting to see me follow my primal diet.


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