6/17/2018 Workout

Do the following rep scheme for each exercise 45 minute Time Cap


  1. Box Jumps 24″
  2. Bench Press 115 lbs
  3. Russian Twist 30 lbs (each side counts as 1)
  4. Lunges 25 lb Dumbbell (DB) each hand (each leg counts as 1)
  5. Ball Slams 40 lbs
  6. Tricep pull downs 45 lbs (you could use a band or sub with Tricep ext.)
  7. sit-ups
  8. Hammer Curls 55 lbs (I used a Rogue Mutt Bar, but you could use DB or Barbell)
  9. Kettle Bell Swings 53 lbs
  10.  DB Rows 40 lbs (ea arm is 1)

I made it to the last set of 20 but only got to 10 of the Box jumps on that set before the time cap of 45 minutes


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