Keto or Primal What is best for me

In my last posting I had completed my 21 days primal/keto reset.  I decided to start applying a lot more Keto principles to my diet this time, and one that I started during the last 7 days of my 21 days and then into the following week was to be really strict on my diet and make sure I would be following the Keto reset diet.  I practiced Intermittent Fasting each day going 14-16 hours without eating.  I would then eat a compressed schedule.  I made some interesting observations about myself and came to an interesting conclusion:

First I had no issues with fasting each day when it came to waiting to eat, I could easily distract myself and the desire to eat would go away.  I should note I still drank my cup of coffee each morning, added a little heavy cream but kept it under the 100 Calorie threshold that is believed to make you come out of the IF state.  The problem came when I did eat.  I found my appetite to be larger than normal and noted that I was eating more in the compressed time then what I ate doing 3 normal meals per day.  I was taking a lot more food with me for lunch and in the evenings I would have a hard time feeling fully satisfied.  I firmly believe IF has a place, just for me it is not everyday, maybe a couple of times a week but not daily for me.

Second big observation was food stress. The carb count for Ketosis is between 20-50 Grams per day depending on if you exercise or not.  I of course do everyday, so I put my limit at 50.  The next part is increasing fat as a percentage and decreasing protein.  You want protein at no more than .7gram per pound of lean muscle.  I was use to a number closer to 1 gram, although I don’t normally have that much I could occasionally get close. The third part is increasing your fat per day.  I started by adding heavy cream to my coffee, previously I was a black coffee drinker.  I must say that was a pleasant surprise.  I never knew  my coffee could even be better with heavy cream. All of these new food parameters which are much harder to hit than a primal diet, because they are much more focused on every little aspect.  Primal you have a lot more “wiggle” room.  Well the constant counting was stressing me out and some of my favorite healthy foods were being left out.  I couldn’t even enjoy a bowl full of fresh blueberries and strawberries.

Last observation and the kicker for me is because of my food stress and actual increase in overall eating I actually gained a few pounds back. I know that Keto works for a lot of people, but for me I have decided to stick to primal going forward.  I am comfortable and feel good on a primal diet.  I think this is something that everyone has to explore on their own and figure out what works best for you.


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