Day 21

Today is day 21 of what started as a 21 day total body transformation, but has turned into a Keto restart.  Of course since it is a keto restart this really signifies the start of what should be a minimum of another 3 weeks of attempting to stay in a keto state.  However, I am going to try and go much longer, with a goal of at least through the CrossFit Open.  I am going to share with you my results in the first 21 days based on weight, however I warn you weight is not everything and in fact isn’t even the best indicator. I prefer to look at other measurements, like waist size (how do your pants fit), how do you feel meaning mental clarity, how do you sleep.  If you workout do you notice a difference.

My answers are simple, first my overall mental state is so much better, no constant worrying about stuff, I feel motivated to read and write.  I just feel better overall.  I sleep better right now, in fact I get more hours of continuous sleep than ever before and wake up feeling totally refreshed.  Waist size, although not a huge difference when I started I was able to wear all of my pants, maybe my smaller size the 32″, were a little tight and the 33″ were a little better, now the 32″ are actually very loose and 33″ are really too big to wear, I might need a smaller belt and pants at the end of all this. Workouts is a big one for me, although you will see I didn’t lose a tone a weight only 7-8lbs, I feel lighter. Things like Pull-ups and box jumps are a lot easier to accomplish and at a much faster rate.  I also just notice that my stamina in the workouts seems to be better, which of course may or may not be related since I have been working on it for a while.

last thing weight, let me tell you and I think this is important, if you are going to track your weight, I strongly suggest that you weight yourself the same time under the same conditions everyday.  In my case I weight myself every morning, right before I jump in the shower.  Your weight can vary by a few pounds everyday so don’t panic if one day you add a pound or two, the next day you might be down those same pounds.  What I look for is constantly being withing a few pound range.

Going forward as I continue my journey I will continue what I am already doing,  I try to practice intermittent fasting everyday, but I listen to my body.  In the past 9 days I practiced  8 out of 9 with going 14-16 hours each day. The one exception was Thursday, I woke up hungry and I knew I needed to eat.  I will also continue to monitor my weight, but not everyday probably 2x per week.

21 Day Weight Results:

1/1 – 209
1/2 – 208.6
1/3 -207
1/4 -206.2
1/5 -204.8
1/6 -203
1/7 -206.2
1/8 -205.2
1/9 -205.2
1/10 -203
1/11 -204
1/12 – 202.8
1/13 -202.4
1/14 -202.6
1/15 -202.8
1/16 -202
1/17 -200
1/18 -202.2
1/19 -201.6
1/20 -201.6
1/21 – 202.2

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