So yes I promised to post some more and I have been absent for a while. I think for a while I have lost a little of my inspiration and needed some time to reboot myself and rededicate my life style to my primal beliefs. Some of you know but I didn’t want to broadcast it, but I did a 21 day primal reboot that started at the 1st of the year. For the first 2 weeks I have been strictly following the primal blueprint.

However, this past weekend I read the 21 day Keto Reset Diet Book, by Mark Sisson. I have decided to change my perspective a little and go keto, at least through the CrossFit Open, which starts Feb 22nd and last 5 weeks. I can tell you I was already very close on my 21 days if not already there. One big change I made starting on the weekend is practicing daily Intermittent Fasting, I try and go 14-16 hours from my last meal at night until I eat again in the morning/afternoon. The other big change is to really increase the amount of fats in my diet, I think before I emphasized the protein but for Keto that is too much as I was close to 1 gram per lean pound of body mass and wanted to reduce that to .7 grams and increase my fat calories to make up the difference. It just takes little things like adding heavy cream to the coffee, eggs, and make sure I am eating other good fats.

Let me tell you I feel fantastic, I have more energy during my workouts, I am sleeping great, and my thoughts are so much clearer. Things that were stressing on me before no longer weigh on my mind all the time. My weight is down 8 pound since the first and I expect that it will go down a few more before this is all over. A big difference this year over last year is when I lost weight I felt I lost strength and this year I actually feel stronger.

I have said it before, but I will say it again I promise to publish more in the future, but going forward at least for now it will just be on this Facebook page and not on the webpage. As I discover better ways to do thing on Facebook I will try and make it look better in the future. I am sure there are some of you out there that already have ideas or maybe can even teach me how to make it look better feel free to message me.

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