Tempe Day 4

lunch 11-3

As promised a picture of a meal. Sinus issues still persist but much better than before not to mention it helps to get a good night sleep. I followed my own advice and instead of watching TV, I read a book.  This was much lunch today, believe it or not but it was from Red Robin, it was an Avocado Grilled Chicken salad.  It taste really good, my only complaint is for an Avocado salad, it didn’t seem to have much Avocado.  I was a little surprised to find something like this at a chain, since most of the time smaller places have stuff I want to eat.

Today is my last full day in Tempe, I will see what dinner brings tonight probably will not get much in the way of pictures since it will be a Happy Hour and Dinner, but I will try to stick to my convictions, or at least stay in the 80% rule.

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