Tempe Day 3

Something in the air doesn’t agree with me, sinus congestion in full blow out mode. I think I bought half the pharmacy today, but do feel a little better.  Didn’t really have anything but coffee for breakfast, just didn’t feel like eating.  Lunch today I went back to the same place as yesterday, they serve omelettes all day.  If you know me I am use to eating an omelette every morning and I am missing that this week.  I might go back tomorrow for breakfast.  I had the meat lovers and added avocado, it was yummy, primal and didn’t last very long.  I also enjoyed a bowl of fresh fruit, the waiter kept trying to talk me into bread and potatoes, but of course I neither one of them.  Once again my hunger hit me hard and well I forgot to take a picture.  I promise I will get some pictures in soon.  I am back to training and meetings but will check in again soon.

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