Primal While Traveling

Once again I will be traveling this coming week and the old question goes; how to remain primal while traveling?  This week I will be in Tempe, Arizona, I don’t know much about Tempe and what food offerings I will be able to find to help remain primal in my diet. One thing to remember primal for mean a lot more than just what I eat, it means living a primal lifestyle. I think the lifestyle portion is probably easier to keep sometimes than the food. The challenge this week will be the food. Lets take a look at a few things I will do to help remain primal while traveling.

  1. Ask for a Gluten Free Menu- But be careful, this just means it doesn’t have Wheat, Rye or Barley, just being Gluten Free doesn’t qualify as Primal.  Watch out for Gluten replacements such as bread, they can be made from Rice or Corn Flour, which in my mind both should be avoided.
  2. Look for local small restaurants – They are more likely willing to customize your meal even cooking your meal in primal oils and real butter instead of the cheaper oils the larger chains are going to use.
  3. Ask Questions- Don’t be afraid to ask for something to be prepared in a certain way or to find out the ingredients being used.  This can be helpful when they don’t have a gluten free menu.
  4. Don’t forget the 80/20 rule – sometimes you might have a group dinner where your choices are limited. I am not saying giving into grains or sugar, these should always be avoided.  Sometimes you might no have a choice on the oil used, or maybe it is not grass fed beef.
  5. Have Fun and don’t stress– If you stress about having to make choices too much you are doing your body just as much harm as you are good in your diet.
  6. Take time for yourself, business travel can be stressful and you might be rushing from meeting to meeting, but carve out sometime for a workout, walk, hike, reading  or something else you enjoy.
  7. Get a good night sleep, yes sometimes there can be late night dinners, happy hours, but don’t extend it any further than you must try to get your 8 hours.

Ok so these are just a few things, send me a message if you have more ideas or suggestions and I will update this post!  Look for updates on meals this week hopefully with pictures (I am really bad sometimes about starting to eat and then remembering the picture, so apologies ahead of time)a

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