Positive Thoughts?

I have been reading this book called The Awakened Ape by Jevan Pradas. Most of the books I read about Hunter Gatherers or Primal/Paleo lifestyle lean heavily about diet.  This book however is more about the mental state and attitudes of Hunter Gatherers.  It is amazing the various tribes that have been studied and how happy they are with their lives and well being.  I think we have a lot that we could learn, and this is a fantastic book.  However, I am not reviewing the book at this time, I will save it for later.  Today, I was reading a section that has a 7 day challenge of staying positive; I thought this would be a fun activity to share with everyone.  The rules are pretty simple go 7 days with no negative thoughts, if you begin to think something negative no matter how small you have to quickly, within 1 minute, spin it to a positive thought.  Example would be if you started to think: OMG is is only Wednesday, you would need to spin it in your mind quickly to something like only 2 days left till the weekend, or wow this week has gone by fast.  I think you get the idea. If you are unable to spin it within a  minute or the same negative thought returns and you can’t shake it then the timer starts all over.  Overall I am a pretty positive person, but I think it might take me a couple of weeks to get through this challenge, but I am going to do it.  The only person you have to be accountable to this is yourself.  Here is the upside, think about the self-awareness of your thoughts that you will have over this time?  There is so much negative energy out in the world today, lets take it back one person at a time!

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