Spring Time

Spring has sprung! I always wanted to write that phrase. Spring is such a magical time of year.  I live in central Texas so it is one of the times of the year that it is still bearable to go outside.  Today high temperature was about 82, far cry from the 100+ we will see here in just a couple of months.  My question to everyone, yes all 10 of you that read this is what did you do this weekend?  Did you have good weather like me this weekend?  How about some good primal outdoor activities.  Lots of vitamin D, how  I have missed the sunshine over the brief 2 weekends of winter we had this year. There is nothing more primal in my opinion than getting outside and getting your hand dirty in the garden.  Of course I should be saying a vegetable garden, but no it is my wife’s flower garden.  I spent my Friday and Saturday (yes took a day off from work) pulling weeds and getting those flower beds in pristine  condition; happy wife happy life.  Sit back and think about this for a minute, what is more primal than spending time outdoors tending to the family dwelling?  Now in primal time it might have been patching the roof and fixing something a wall to the portable dwelling but in modern times that can equate to tending the flower beds. The most important thing is to get outside and get your hand dirty.  The benefit is actually more than you than you actually know.  First Vitamin D from the sun cannot be replaced by any supplement you take, and your body needs it to remain healthy.  Second is that digging in the soil has been known to release certain responses in the body that not only help you feel good but also getting your hand in the dirt help to build your immune system by building a natural response. I can tell you even though it was hard work, I am sitting here writing this blog and even though I am tired, I honestly feel great.

Ok so on more thing I did start my day off right, Lorie and I went to Yoga this morning where our good friend Ginger was teaching at Crossfit Georgetown.  You must understand that I have been doing the Crossfit Open and the workout on Friday, although I enjoyed it was particular hard on the lower body.  Ginger did a wonderful job during Yoga this morning of targeting a lot of my “tender” spot this morning.  I also want to give a shout out to my fellow competitors Heather and Gary for doing a great job yesterday. Finally a Thank You to all of my Crossfit brothers and sisters who every Friday show up and cheer those of competing on, it would be so much harder without you!

I did deviate from my theme slightly you might thing, but here is my message this week.  Be Thankful for Everything!






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