The Case Against Sugar

The Case Against Sugar

The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes was a fantastic book and enjoyed reading every page.  You see a lot of books about Sugar and how bad it is for you despite what the USDA or researchers that are funded by sugar will tell you.  This book however is vastly different than most.  Gary Taubes takes the years of research and interviews and compiles all the information as if he was a lawyer putting together a case against sugar. If you are on the fence or are not thoroughly convinced on what sugar really does to your body, read this book.  Sugar is leading this country, no this world into becoming obese and plagued by the various metabolic syndromes including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. On of the most interesting parts of the book I found was the connection between tobacco and sugar.  Like a lot of you I had a parent that smoked for most of his life. My dad grew up on a farm in North Carolina growing tobacco.  What I never knew was that originally most tobacco was too harsh for the smoke to actually be inhaled.  The Tobacco industry would take the tobacco leaves and cure them in Sugar this would make the smoke sweet, pleasant, and easier to inhale.  This also made the cigarettes  more addictive.  This is just one of many points that Gary Taubes brings out in the book.  I highly recommend this book to anyone even if you are not on a primal diet it will change your outlook and hopefully the amount of sugar you are consuming.

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