Vegas – Not a fan

This is my final Vegas entry, I am back home now in my element.  I am going to say that I appreciate home more than ever. I have family and friends who support me 100%. I don’t say that as a half truth. I notice when I talk about my primal lifestyle around work and so forth I get very little interest, in fact I get more ridicule or what I will call typical school yard behavior against the person who is different. When I am home amongst my family and friends I get that genuine support for my lifestyle; in case you wonder no they are not all primal, although a good portion of them try to follow some of the fundamentals.  They are just supportive and are truly my friends. I have to say it was great see them all!

Alright so now let me talk about my last two days in Vegas.  I finally decided I was not going to let Vegas and this conference win.  I decided to take back my primal lifestyle.  Starting with Wednesday I would get back on track.  I of course have been eating as primal as I can all week, and I still made those choices.  I did decided that I would not have even a glass of wine the remainder of the week and I would take back my evenings.  I had one more “mandatory” dinner to attend on Wednesday evening.  I made my appearance enjoyed some good short ribs (had to scrape the sauce off unsure what it contained) but they were fantastic nice full of good fat.  I think I was the first one finished I promptly excused my self from the table and went back to my room.  The dinner started at 7:30 I was leaving at 7:50, by 8 I was in my room and decided time for me, after talking to Lorie on the phone I read for the remainder of the evening and fell asleep about 9:30 PST.

Thursday was not much different after attending some meetings, my day was done about 2:30 PST, I then went to the gym for a quick workout.  After getting cleaned up I decided to walk around the “mall” for a while, I wasn’t ready yet for dinner and thought it would be nice.  Finally decided on dinner, found me a nice Ribeye with Asparagus, it was good but nothing like what Lorie and I fix at home.  I was ready to leave, I did check but it was just too expensive to change my flight from Friday morning.  After dinner I really just wanted something for myself and I remember a Godiva Chocolate Store in the mall, think they might have some good dark chocolate.  For those who don’t know I am a fan if you need something satisfying to have a little Dark Chocolate.  I personally like 86%, think it is perfect but most find it too bitter.  Different people have different rules, I see 70% a lot I think edge that up to 75% or better is a good rule and only eat enough to satisfy that craving.  I usually find 1/2 a serving size is about right.  They had these 85% chocolates filled with a 85% chocolate genache, they were incredible about the size of my thumb nail; ok I at 6 of them. After that I retired to my room and repeated Wednesday night.  The following morning I woke had an omelette for breakfast and left for the airport.  I couldn’t wait to get home.

Looking back at the week I grade my self about a C.  I found that I am weaker without my support system in place.  I know they were all supporting me from a distance but it is not the same as having them with you, or at least having someone with you that will offer you support.  Unfortunately I don’t have that with my work, I wish I did and one of these days I will make a change; more on that another time. The moral to this story is if you are going to live different than those around you then you need support.  I hope anyone who is reading this has that support it makes it a lot easier.  If not look around I am sure there are a lot of good groups that would offer it. If you don’t find those then start one be the first!


One thought on “Vegas – Not a fan

  1. Don’t stress over not being 100% primal while out of town. Remember, MDA is about striving for 100% and accepting 80% due to life challenges. I believe he states that when you are only happy with 100%, you are set up to eventually fail. With MDA, we have occasional detours – just get back on course when you can.
    You have only been doing this for a few months. Look at how much healthier and better you feel already!
    Keep at it James!

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