Conference Day 1


I was disappointed to find out that the gym at the hotel didn’t open until 6am, normally not a big deal, but my first session starts at 8am.  I did find some good news, a hole in my schedule in the afternoon from 2-4 perfect window for a workout.  Which I did accomplish, 2000 meter row and a WOD that consisted of a lot of Kettlebell Swings and push-ups.  So staying true to my version of primal fitness mission accomplished.  Now food my be a little more challenging today, let me start with breakfast, luckily I was on my own, found the Grand Lux Cafe, I had omelette, bacon, strawberries, and a cup ok 2 cups of coffee.  I wish the rest of the day would have been that easy; lunch was a challenge, good thing that eating primal I can go long periods of time without feeling hungry.  They brought in box lunches all sandwiches, they forgot about my “gluten free” request.  I ate the guts out of the sandwich (which wasn’t much) and an apple. My boss decided we would go somewhere else for dinner, this little Italian spot the view was incredible the inside made it seem like the outside.  I tried to order the half chicken, but they ran out so forced me into the New York Strip Option 14 ounces of goodness, on the menu it said with potatoes I asked for a substitute, and the brought me my favorite grilled asparagus.  That was an incredible steak.  Ok so where did I go wrong with dinner, it would be the hard apple cider I had with my meal, still well within my 80%.  Later in the evening I would enjoy a glass of red wine.  That was it for food, felt pretty good.  Where I did fall short was in lifestyle, I had every intention of posting this last night and doing some reading, but sleep trumped everything.  So not a complete failure, I know someone is reading this going well sleep is primal and yes it is and probably one of the most important things you can do that we don’t get enough of every day.  I woke up about 3am with my mind wandering and found it hard to stay asleep.  Reading and blogging in the evening help me remove the wandering thoughts.  Now it is Tuesday, eating another great breakfast, but will leave the details to my next post.

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