Sunday Travel Day

I am sitting in my hotel and local time it says 11:43 however my body says 1:43, this will be brief.  Today was travel day, I got up this morning, a few minutes before the alarm was set to go off.  I am working on the no alarm wake-ups. I wanted to be sure to have a good breakfast and also start to hydrate for the plane ride.  I ate 4 Eggs and had some water.  After a hard goodbye to Lorie, I hit the road and stopped for a 20 Ounce cup of coffee.  I should have had my home brew but didn’t want to leave it for Lorie to clean.  During my flights I only had water and brought my own snacks, RX bars and Almonds.  I landed in Vegas about 1:45 local time and I felt like I could eat.  After checking into the hotel I ate a late lunch at “The Yardbird” I had the Omelette Special, which was just a cheese and tomato omelette with a bowl of “seasonal” fruit.  Not sure what season any of that fruit would be surely not any in North America.  It was delicious but I must confess I had a Pear Cider, and I don’t regret it at all. After cleaning up a bit it was time for the scheduled dinner with the limited menu.  I talked them into bringing me a salad (outside of the menu) for my 1st course since none of the choices were acceptable to me to try and stay primal.  The main course was a 6 ounce steak and Asparagus (ok mashed potatoes were on the plate but I didn’t eat them, they are ok in my opinion in moderation if you are at your ideal body weight) Desert well might have been a little off the reservation they had Creme’ brulee and I decided I needed to taste, it was amazing and a couple of bites of it was all I needed.  I did have 1 glass of red wine.   All in all I think it was a pretty good day, I didn’t stay 100% but I did strive and wound up well above the 80% mark.  For my relaxation today to keep my primal health I read, took a hot bath, and wrote this blog.  I will write more about my adventures in Vegas tomorrow.

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