Falling Asleep

Today’s topic came to me rather easily.  I am tired today, I did not get a great night sleep.  Yes we had some storms blow through and it would be easy to blame, except I slept through most of that.  What did happen is I allowed myself to break out of my normal primal sleep habit.  You see I am usually like a clock, I have my regular nightly routines that help me tell my body it is time for bed. Not last night, nope stayed up watched TV too late, had a late night glass of wine, not really sure what I was thinking.  What happens when we break our normal habit or allow stimulus into our time right before bed it can cause or brains to work overtime.  You ever sit in bed and just keep thinking about all the things you need to do tomorrow, or maybe you just saw the news and they talked about some tragedy in the world.  You might have watched your favorite TV show just to see one of your favorite characters get killed off(because they demanded too much money). In primitive cultures they would know that it was time to rest and sleep when the sun went down and time to get up when the sun comes up.  However, we are too busy right? So maybe it is not practical in this day and age to go to bed because the sun went down, especially in the winter time, but the next best thing is to develop habits that will allow you to get a full restful sleep.  I will talk another time about the whole alarm clock and waking up thing, today just concentrating on the sleep.  I have to admit I use to have a hard time sleeping prior to my move to a primal lifestyle, not anymore.  I have my routines every single evening.  One of the biggest changes I made is during the week I generally do not watch any TV, these days no need to watch anything when it first airs you can DVR or call it on demand and in a lot of cases you can skip the annoying commercials about the new sugar coated something.  Now to get back on topic; after an evening that usually involves Crossfit or some other exercise in the early part, then dinner and clean-up.  The next part is either write (like I am doing now) or I read.  This usually goes till 10 and like clock work I get up and turn off my reading light and head to the bedroom.  If I do have an evening that I watch TV, it always (except last night) is turned off 1 hour before I am going to bed.  This allows my body time to recover and focus on getting to bed for a good night sleep.  So think about this do you have good habit, or do you have trouble going to sleep?  What could you do that is different to help your body define when it is time for sleep and recovery.

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