Stress! How did our primal ancestors deal with it 10,000 years ago? Did they have the same kind of stress that we have, such as work deadlines, family illness, money? Well, maybe not the “same” they probably had stresses about where to find the next meal in times of need and how to stay out of the fangs of a hungry sabor-toothed tiger. Putting it into perspective would you rather have the stress of driving to work or not being someone else’s meal? I need to think hard about that one, get an answer back to you someday. We all have stress, but how do we deal with it? Do we overeat, chocolate, ice cream, or something else full of sugar? Do we yell, get in fights, flip-off another driver? So my question to you and feel free to comment what are some better more “primal” ways to deal with stress?

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